Premium toner vs. name brand OEM

Woman with premium toner cartridge

Businesses of all sizes are on the lookout for ways to stretch a dollar. The costs associated with printing add up quickly. One way to corral these costs is to choose premium compatible toner supplies versus the name brand OEM toner supplies.

OEM is short for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM toner cartridges are made by printer manufacturers to match their equipment.

Name brand vs. store brand

Anyone who’s compared the price of name brand versus the store brand at the grocery store knows they will pay more for the name brand product. The store brand may be just as good, if not better. The store brand at the grocery store will have a similar appearance and taste, but it’s produced, packaged, and sold by a different manufacturer. Store brands give consumers a high quality, affordable alternative to name brand foods. The same is true of premium compatible toner.

Premium compatible toner

  • The toner cartridge is referred to as “premium” because it meets the same high standards of performance and quality associated with name brand toner.
  • The toner cartridge is referred to as “compatible” because it fits the name brand printer to a T. The quick and easy insertion of the cartridges saves businesses time and labor.

Although manufactured by a third party, the premium compatible toner will provide the same print quality as OEM. The text is crisp, and the colors are vibrant. Pages are free of streaks and ink blots. Users can expect the same page yield and shelf life from a premium compatible toner, compared with an OEM toner.

Great savings

The premium compatible toner used in today’s laser printers lives up to the expectations of OEM cartridges, but at a fraction of the cost. Onsite Maintenance Solutions has been selling premium compatible toner cartridges for years, and customers are fully satisfied with the quality, performance, and great savings they experience with every order.

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