New Headquarters

Onsite Maintenance Solutions, a server and printer maintenance professional, has moved its Green Bay headquarters to the East Side. On Sept. 1, Onsite Maintenance Solutions relocated from Green Bay’s West Side to Suite 101 at 1524 University Avenue, Green Bay. From its new Green Bay office located in a vibrant business community, the company provides 24/7 printer and server maintenance and repair to clients locally and nationally.

Headquarters in Green Bay

“We moved here so we could better serve the customer and continue to provide a full range of printer supplies, plus onsite maintenance of printers and computer servers,” said Tammy Laundre, operations manager. “From our office in Green Bay we dispatch technicians nationwide to diagnose your printer or server issues and get you up and running again quickly.” OMS helps companies reduce lost productivity and lost income due to printer and server break-downs. OMS keeps equipment running smoothly, so companies can focus on running their business.

National database of technicians

Onsite Maintenance Solutions has a vast database of technicians nationwide, some who have been with the company for over 25 years. These technicians travel to the customer’s facility to fix problems and get equipment back online. The skilled technicians and friendly staff are always willing to answer questions and find solutions to printer and computer server problems.

Responsive to customers

Serving clients of all sizes, from small businesses to national corporations, OMS keeps servers and printers operating smoothly. Corporations appreciate the convenience of one reliable source to serve their corporate headquarters and their satellite offices scattered throughout the country. Responsive to its customers, Onsite Maintenance Solutions offers custom maintenance contracts based on customers’ needs and budget.

Full line of printer supplies

In addition to printer and server maintenance, Onsite Maintenance Solutions offers a full line of premium compatible laser toner cartridges, ink, and other printer supplies at competitive prices. In partnership with Laser Works, OMS offers customers great savings on ink cartridges and toner.

Contact Us

Call 1-888-246-3808 for a free quote for printer or server maintenance and service or great savings on ink cartridges and toner.